We do this through our POS agnostic tech platform, which can upgrade your POS system into a marketing channel that enables real-time offline purchase data capture. Retailers use Syndatrace to identify in-store shoppers through digital receipts, automate & measure ROI of transaction-based marketing and to surface rich data insights & growth.

You can also use our advanced analytics and tracking tools to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns and optimize your marketing strategy. By providing a seamless and personalized customer experience, you can increase your customer ngagement, loyalty, and revenue.

Our Purpose

Transforming Retailers With Rich Insights

Retailers Connected


In-Store Revenue Attributed From Digital Marketing

20,000+ POS

Systems Connected

Our Commitment

As Syndatrace’s CEO, we are committed to helping retailers empower their marketing teams to engage with customers on their terms. Making their marketing more effective, personalized, and data-driven to create seamless and memorable customer experiences.


We simplify the complex world of online to offline

We help retailers grow their revenue and customer loyalty and transform the way businesses interact with customers. We hope to build a more connected and customer-centric world, enabling businesses to thrive in the digital age.

Our Team

Together we stand, a diverse and skilled team, forging innovative solutions to shape the future.